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The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Ceneter

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Formal Curricula and Educational Offerings by OkDCN Partners


Long-Term Care Providers

OkDCN ECHO gains federal funds for to support OK nursing homes
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OkDCN Presents! Q&A Webinars
    Brief (5-7 minute) training webinars


Onsite dementia care skills training will again be offered free to nursing facility staff after the COVID19 threat is reduced. (send email inquiry)


Family Caregivers

Oklahoma Healthy Aging Initiative
POWERFUL TOOLS FOR CAREGIVERS is a class series designed to help family caregivers take better care of themselves while caring for a family member or friend.  In the six weekly classes, caregivers develop a wealth of self-care tools to reduce stressors, change negative self-talk, communicate their needs to family members and healthcare or service providers, effectively communicate in challenging situations, deal with difficult feelings, and make tough caregiving decisions. Class participants also receive a copy of The Caregiver Help book developed specifically for the training.

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Community Health Workers

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The Oklahoma Public Health Training Center offers CHW/CHR training in dementia care.  (coming soon...)


Medical Students, Residents, Fellows

Primary care providers and health professions students, residents, and fellows can receive dementia care experience and training to assess and address the needs of older adults with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. 

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Southern Technology Center CNA program offers robust dementia care education developed by OUHSC/OkDCN. (send email inquiry)


Primary Care and Nursing Home Clinical and Training Settings

A free progam to transform primary care and nursing home environments to become dementia-friendly health systems is available.  (send email inquiry)